The season in our country has arrived and people"s preferences for the season are different. I am a person who loves winter very much. I hate rainy season very much because rainy season makes me so. It"s hard to get around, but winter makes everything for me feel more comfortable and relaxed. If it"s about sleeping in cool weather, traveling in places I want to travel, but that"s my preference. I, my girlfriend, have different opinions. Yes, she might like winter like me, but maybe not 100% because she likes rainy season more than winter. I heard the reasons and listened to her many answers. I don"t understand why I like rainy season anyway, because rainy season makes our lives seem stuck all in my mind, causing all the things that we have to rush and slow down. It"s a bad thing that I still don"t want to see in the rainy season. During the rainy season, even if it rains, the weather is cool sometimes, but it doesn"t help me to feel good.

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